Eagle Mountain Winery
February 2, 2017
Tailor-Made Campaign
July 5, 2022
The Renter's Journey of Unfortunate Events Experiential Exhibit

I was the creative lead designing all of the exhibit artwork for the booth and sales collateral. The concept of the exhibit was to visualize the renter’s journey and their struggles while they are looking for a new place to live. I accomplished this with an interactive carnival theme where guests were first greeted with a living Zoltar who would give each attendee a fortune card with a custom marketing message. Attendees were then welcomed under the tent in groups to view “The Renter’s Journey of Unfortunate Events” show. Inside, four live dioramas were designed to portray various rental scenarios gone wrong. After each scene was complete, a curtain revealed messaging as to how RentPath could help in each situation. Surrounding the booth were living statues, magicians, a carnival barker as well as popcorn and cotton candy vendors. The exhibit was the talk of the show generating hundreds of new leads and was even awarded best booth NAA 2019.